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#1 Way To Prevent One of The Most Dangerous Aspects of Woodworking

Posted by Dustin Bow on

There hasn’t been a significant innovation in featherboards… too many years.

At Bow Products we’ve spent countless hours and dollars:
  • Testing
  • Tweaking
  • Breaking
  • Bleeding
  • And finally, molding what we believe to be the best featherboard on the market

(And no, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Check out a sample review here.)

We ourselves are woodworkers, craftsmen. We’ve spent the long hours in the shop creating pieces for ourselves, our families, and client’s.

When you spend that many hours in the shop working with table saws, jointers, router tables, and the like - you come to a pretty easy conclusion...

“Man, this stuff can be really dangerous.”

One false move. One un-expected kickback scenario and BAM! Fingers gone! Hand gone! Or even worse…

In a study done in 2003 over 93K saw related injuries treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms over the course of 12 months. 93,000! It’s hard to even imagine.

So we decided to take that study’s data and put it into a picture for you. Take a look at what’s truly happening on job sites, inside garages and basement shops.

And listen, we hear you already…

“I’m a Pro and Pro’s don’t get hurt (despite knowing the danger)”

The truth is that, yeah, Pro’s don’t get hurt… as often as novices. We ask that you just take a look at the image below and get a true feel for numbers.


It’s a lot to take in, isn’t it?

There are a lot of very interesting stats here for sure. But there was one in particular that stuck out to us as seasoned craftsmen. It’s the one at the bottom.

9% of these injuries occurred even with an anti-kickback device in place

This is really important for 2 BIG reasons…

#1 - You dramatically reduce injury chances when using an anti-kickback device. 

#2 - It seemed so strange to us that even when woodworker’s used an anti-kickback device that they would still have that high of a chance of injury.

And the second reason is why we set out to create a superior featherboard. One that not only offered better end results for the user, but one that kept that user safer than ever before.

That’s exactly why the FeatherPro has 5x’s the anti-kickback protection VS any other featherboard we’ve tested (and we’ve tested a lot). We’re proud of that fact. You’ll see it prominently displayed on our packaging for that reason.

It’s our mission to improve woodworking safety and performance with our tools. The FeatherPro is our first step in that process.

While safety is of course paramount, this featherboard does a whole lot more than just provide industry leading anti-kickback...

It will help your performance as a hobbyist, contractor, or skilled professional in several ways (which we think you’ll be pretty excited about).

Thanks for sticking with us this far. We hope you’ve found this infographic enlightening. Keep in mind we created this to educate, not scare anyone. Now that you know what the real numbers say we hope you’ll make the right choice and go with an anti-kickback device

Click Here to See the Featherboard That Prevents One of the
Most Dangerous Parts of Woodworking

(Obviously - we hope you choose the best with the FeatherPro - but any featherboard is so much better than none!)

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