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Standard Feathers - 2 Pack

Save when you buy the 2 pack of our standard feathers!  You'll get all of the great functionality at a lower cost. 

While the material used to create the FeatherPro feathers is long lasting accidents do happen.  If you make a mistake and cut a feather you won't have to replace the entire featherboard.  Simply swap out the damaged feathers for these replacements.

  • Wide Pressure Range - Our standard feathers accommodate all pressure range needs.  With our standard replacement feathers you'll benefit from higher levels of kick-out tolerance when using a shaper or router vs the ultra light feathers.
  • This package includes 2 replacement feather units.  It does not include the FeatherPro featherboard.



Here's a quick tour of exactly how the FeatherPro featherboard works. It's not just about safety, it's about better woodworking. Ultimate kickback protection and a smooth, non-marring infeed means you get a better cut everytime.

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