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FeatherPro by Bow Products

The FeatherPro Featherboard developed by Bow Products is a game changer in woodworking tools. Sure you might read that and think that sounds like a lot of hype, but we've got the stats and the features to back it up. Just take a look at some of the features this featherboard provides below, as well as our videos to the left.

Currently the FeatherPro fits any table with a 3/8" x 3/4" Miter slot. The product ships with aluminum miter bars.


  • ANTI-KICKBACK LIVING HINGE DESIGN - The FeatherPRO's patented hinge absorbs energy and substantially reduces or arrests the chance of kickback.
  • EASIER / SMOOTHER GLIDE ON INFEED VERSUS PLASTIC OR WOOD FEATHERBOARDS – This is especially true when applying higher pressure.
  • VIBRATION RESISTANCE - You'll achieve higher quality cuts because the feathers absorb vibration so well.
  • HARDENED FOAM FEATHERS - These are especially beneficial if they come in contact with Carbide Blades or Router Bits. Greatly reduces or even avoids shattering the Blade or Bit. Translates to improved safety to woodworkers avoiding shattered material debris. Saves the Blade or Bit.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE FEATHERS - If you ever make a mistake we've got you covered. Our patented feather design easily swaps out if they ever become damaged.
  • NON-MARRING FEATHERS - You can apply lots of pressure or a little pressure depending on what you're doing EVEN WHEN working with soft woods! You'll never use a wood or plastic featherboard again.
  • VERSATILE - You don't need a left and a right. The FeatherPro is reversible by simply flipping it over and reversing hardware. You can also use it in the vertical position, not just horizontal.

What our customers say about us


Joe @renovate_it Instagram Handle

“It's such a great product! It was my first time using it and will never use anything else!”



“Definitely the best featherboard I've used. The replaceable foam fingers are a genius idea. Good stuff guys!”


@ToolPig Instagram handle

“This is hands down my all-time favorite aftermarket table saw safety device. It's so much better than any other featherboard that I have ever made or bought"


Taylor carswell February 20, 2018

"Best featherboard I've had the good fortune of using. Highly recommended over the plastic one I just tossed out."


John Esheron April 1, 2017

"Great feather board. Not only does it make me feel safer regarding kickback, it improves the quality of cut on my tablesaw. It provides constant pressure against the fence which translates into a smoother cutting blade, less burning and safer rips."


Bill from Northridge January 21, 2018

"These are great. I have used many different types and these are by far the best."