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Anti Kickback
Protection VS Wood
& Plastic Featherboards


FeatherPro by Bow Products

The FeatherPro Featherboard developed by Bow Products is a game changer in woodworking tools. Sure you might read that and think that sounds like a lot of hype, but we've got the stats and the features to back it up. Just take a look at some of the features this featherboard provides below, as well as our videos to the left.

Currently the FeatherPro fits any table with a 3/8" - 3/4" Miter slot. The product ships with aluminum miter bars


  • ANTI-KICKBACK LIVING HINGE DESIGN - Dramatically reduce your chance of harm through this hi-tech hinge while maintaining amazing flexibility and feel.
  • EASIER / SMOOTHER GLIDE ON INFEED VERSUS PLASTIC OR WOOD FEATHERBOARDS – This is especially true when applying higher pressure.
  • VIBRATION RESISTANCE - You'll achieve higher quality cuts because the feathers absorb vibration so well.
  • HARDENED FOAM FEATHERS - These are especially beneficial if they come in contact with Carbide Blades or Router Bits. Greatly reduces or even avoids shattering the Blade or Bit. Translates to improved safety to woodworkers avoiding shattered material debris. Saves the Blade or Bit.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE FEATHERS - If you ever make a mistake we've got you covered. Our patented feather design easily swaps out if they ever become damaged.
  • NON-MARRING FEATHERS - You can apply lots of pressure or a little pressure depending on what you're doing EVEN WHEN working with soft woods! You'll never use a wood or plastic featherboard again.
  • VERSATILE - You don't need a left and a right. The FeatherPro is reversible by simply flipping it over and reversing hardware. You can also use it in the vertical position, not just horizontal.

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What our customers say about us


Nathan Eck Attica NY

“I'm a bit skeptical when it comes to new and improved and have tried many new products only to be disappointed in the promises. I have been a woodworker for 30 years, built and bought feather boards of all kinds and shapes.

I had a chance to demo and now own one of the best shop tools ever. The Bow Products FeatherPro feather board is not only one of the safest but the easiest to use.

The effort it takes to feed material though compared to the hard plastic and old wooden ones is less than 20%. The feather board hold the material in place against the fence. Keep in mind there is" NO"kick back. Very Happy with a tool that works.”


Matt Plume

“The FeatherPRO makes all cuts muh safer while providing a much nicer chatter free cut! It is built out of very high quality materials and is clearsly a very well designed and thought out tool that virtually eliminates kickback at the tablesaw. It has become my go to for all rip cuts!”


Kris B. Mill Shop Manager at The Hill Group

“I have made countless feather boards from numerous materials and use feather boards On table saws, router benches and various jigs for radius work and repetitive piece work Such as casing, chair rail, base etc. Not a single feather board that I have made or purchased Has given me the results that the featherpro has.

From the quick release cam locks to the replaceable feathers, this product is amazing and offers The shop countless possibilities with confidence and security. I love the non-marring feathers and The fact that I can put a man on table saw and have him produce multiple parts that are identical. Which is one of the oldest and hardest thing to accomplish in wood working.

The amount of side pressure or pressure applied towards the fence is hard to believe until you Use the featherpro. Yet I am able to easily move a member thru the saw and there is NO kickback That I have encountered yet, and I’ve tried.

I also use 2 featherpro’s on my router table for side pressure and down pressure. This allows us to make small, detailed pieces of trim that are identical every time. I am also able to plunge into The replaceable feathers for added security without no worries of the carbide on the router bit exploding.

Truly an unbelievable tool. A must for any shop or craftsman. From somebody who is just entering the trade To the “old school do it yourself guys”. I just wanted to thank you guys for this “new wheel” of feather boards And look forward to new and exciting applications of the featherpro! I also look forward to what’s next by Bow Products!!!

Thank you guys again and GREAT JOB!”


Joe @renovate_it Instagram Handle

“It's such a great product! It was my first time using it and will never using anything else!”



“Definitely the best featehrboard I've used. The replaceable foam fingers are a genius idea. Good stuff guys!”


@ToolPig Instagram handle

“This is hands down my all-time favorite aftermarket table saw safety device. It's so much better than any other featherboard that I have ever made or bought”