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Concept Background

Traditional featherboards have kept the same basic design forever. They all use plastic feathers. Even self-made wood featherboards use the same feather design.They all work as intended in terms of infeed control. Unfortunately, when it comes to kickback safety, they all work the same as well. The FeatherPRO has many advantages, but the most significant is added safety against kickback. Using a patented combination of High Density Hardened Foam material, and a hinge design, the FeatherPRO offers 5 times the kickback protection over traditional featherboards.


Being woodworkers and having personally experienced the frightening and dangerous consequence of kickback, we wanted our design to better protect woodworkers against kickback while delivering improved infeed performance. Safety is also improved when there is accidental contact of the Hardened Foam Feather with a Carbide Blade and Router Bit. Our test group reports that the Bow FeatherPRO virtually eliminates chipped or shattered carbide blades/bits that can happen with plastic or wood featherboards. Thereby reducing flying debris.


To give perspective on the strength of our Hardened Foam material, we use the same material in our material handling business where our products are used on forklifts and can support more than 10 tons. The material is very durable and will not wear or tear any more than a plastic featherboard.

Replacement Feathers

Our “Standard” model replacement feather accommodates all pressure range needs. Our “Ultralight” feather offers very fine pressure control. We also use the Ultralight Feather on our DoubleStack FeatherPRO that will be introduced in a few months.