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FeatherPro Starter Pack Bundle

  • Price: $ 29.99
  • Save $ 7.51


    • FeatherPro Featherboard
    • Ultralight Replacement Feathers - 1 Pack
    • Standard Replacement Feathers - 1 Pack
    • T-Bolt hardware

      You get a board, one standard insert, one ultralight insert, and T-Bolt Hardware giving you ultimate flexibility.

      Will It Fit My Table?

      The FeatherPro fits any table with a 3/8" - 3/4" miter slot.  When you receive your product you'll find that the hardware includes aluminum miter track bars.  During our testing we found this to be one of the most common sizes to use.

      The FeatherPro is the strongest anti-kickback featherboard on the market and we aim to prove it. 

      It's not just the safest featherboard on the market - it's the most useful all around.  Take a close look in the following video and watch how our unique feather design dramatically reduces chatter giving you a safer, better cut everytime.

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