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GuidePRO + Free Extension Kit

  • Price: $ 79.99
  • Save $ 19

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Purchase the GuidePRO at its standard price ($79.99) and get a FREE GuidePRO Extension ($19.99 value). 

The GuidePRO is an easy-to-install guide that offers users a hands-free solution to getting the best performance from their saw.

With three simple steps, the user can gain a smoother infeed, ensure consistent pressure, reduce vibration, and deliver the perfect cut every time.

The GuidePRO applies consistent pressure along the leading edge of the work piece ensuring even contact between the work piece and saw fence for a truly square cut.

-Detachable base aids in band saw setup
-Comfortable, ergonomic grip
-Silicone feather dampens vibration for clean cut
-Durable 6” feather applies consistent pressure on work piece
-Flexible feather accommodates variations in work piece 
-Hands-Free; set and forget
-Optional 4” extension to offer 10” of coverage

Pro's like you, use GuidePRO

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